Marigold-dyed Bandana

Marigold-dyed Bandana


*  1 part marigold + pericorn
*  1 part palo santo + citrine
*  1 part childlike wonder

For relishing the results of all your hard work and having some fun.

This vibrant bandana is versatile and playful, infused with the warm energy of the Sun card. It has been dyed with foraged marigold from Long Island and foraged pericorn from Oaxaca, Mexico with the intention to invite you to embrace your inner sense of childlike wonder and to cherish your freedom and joy. Wear it in your hair or to adorn your body, or try it as an altar cloth—wherever it can remind you to stay true to yourself and enjoy the beauty life has to offer.

Details: Square bandana with rolled hem
Intention: For Joy
Fiber: Silk
Measurements: 16”x16”




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