Send us a beloved vintage garment from your own wardrobe, and we’ll breathe new life into it here at our studio using plant dyes and healing energy. Your keepsake will be returned to you refreshed and reinspired, ready to empower you as you wear it.
The process is simple. Tell us about your garment, along with your vision for the energy and color it should embody. Then send it in, and we’ll take care of the rest.


01. * GARMENT: Choose your clothing item, letting us know the size and fiber type.
02. * ENERGY: Tell us about the energy you'd like infused.
03. * COLOR: Let us know if you have a special color in mind for your garment.
04. * CONSULTATION: Once we receive your request, we’ll set up a time to talk. We can help you make a final decision on the perfect energy and color combination for your unique garment and vision.
    05. * MAIL: Mail us your clothing, and we’ll send it back renewed.





    Visit the lookbook for more inspiration.




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