Marigold-dyed Shirt
Marigold-dyed Shirt
Marigold-dyed Shirt

Marigold-dyed Shirt


*  1 part marigold + pericon
*  1 part copal + citrine
*  1 part sunshine


For lifting your spirits.

This shirt is pure joy. It’s dyed with wild-gathered marigold from Long Island and sustainably harvested pericon from Oaxaca, Mexico. Pericon is sweet-smelling, similar to tarragon, and is used medicinally to treat irritated skin and to lift one’s spirits. This top is infused with the Sun card, which invites you to embrace your inner sense of childlike wonder and to cherish your freedom and joy. Wear this top when you want to bask in self-love and have a little fun.


Details: Vintage top with white stitching and single back button closure
Intention: For Joy
Fiber: Silk

  • Fits like a medium
  • Armpit to armpit - 20”
  • Shoulder to shoulder - 16”
  • Length - 24”




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